Soldier & Personal Weapon

A CO cannot be exposed to danger in a Bn. The CO of the Bn is injured plus two of his escorts and all have succumbed to the injuries. The question is why did this happen? Why was CO right in the front? Where was his Coy Cdrs? Was he ordered to go there? I hope the truth comes out.
But what surprises me is that the Bn at an LAC wanting to confront the enemy in large number is without their personal weapons. Escorts of the CO are without their personal weapons. The officer himself is without his personal weapon. Chinese soldiers injure them with stone and rods/clubs. I saw a video a few weeks earlier circulating in WhatsApp gp our soldiers without their personal weapons engaged in a scuffle (pull & push). This trend I noticed in Doklam “Stand Off” also.
Since when have we (Armed Forces) become a “Civil Police”? Moving around in an LAC environment with Dandas in hand throwing stones like one sees CAPF/Civil police doing it Srinagar. Have we been involved too much in such stone-throwing exercise? Even when army goes out “In Aid to The Civil”, army caries weapons during its Flag March. That’s the deterrent.
The question is who ordered the Bn to go to the LAC without the personal weapons? And if the escorts and the officer had their weapon why did they not use it? If the Bde Cdr ordered the Bn to go without the personal arm then he is guilty of the fatalities. And so are all the Cdrs up the chain: may stop at the door of Raksha Mantri or Defence Secretary or CDS/CAOS – wherever.
We took pride in our “arms & amns”. Our seniors taught us and we taught our juniors that never part with your arms & amns and never part with your packed food. You never know what situation may be next.
In this case if there was a stone-throwing or an attempt to use a Lathi by the other side a warning shot should have been fired and if need be resort to firing. We have been a slave to the idea that after 1967 not a single bullet has been fired. And I think that mindset of the Cdrs at all level is frightening if at all it is so. In Sumdorong, Arunachal Pradesh, in 1986 Chinese patrol occupied a spur and later built up a Pl strength. There was a quick response and a Bde was ordered to occupy heights overlooking the post. I know an incident when a Bn asked to open fire when a Chinese patrol tried to probe the Fwd post. It was very quickly obtained and passed down to the Bn which did the honour. And after that, no Chinese or Chinese patrol tried to move out of their post towards our posts. I know it as I was posted in the Bde HQs and I was the one to pass the order back to the CO/Adjt to open the fire. Our Bde Cdr was with the Div GOC when I contacted him with the request of the Bn and which was approved. Suffice it to say that the GOC was Maj Gen JM Singh of the Guards (later Lt Gen).
PS: Josh w/o Hosh could be a possibility but as I said there lies a bigger malaise – moving without a weapon. This begs an answer.

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Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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