This Too Shall Pass (COVID 19)

A post written by an Army wife – Nancy Singh. I thought I should share (copy-paste).

I contemplated a couple of times before actually jotting it down.
I know probably few will still not agree to me and try to bash me left right and centre but I don’t care until this post of mine brings positivity to even one in the group.

Many know I am a military spouse and have lived in Kashmir.

We shifted to Kashmir when it was going through one of the roughest phase – the death of Burhaan Wani – resulting in burning of Kashmir to another level.

We shifted to Kashmir when it was going through one of the roughest phase – the death of Burhaan Wani – resulting in burning of Kashmir to another level.

We shifted there just a couple of weeks after Burhaan Wani’s death and was locked inside the home My husband went on duty and I was inside the Cantt with no internet, no connection to him or family whatsoever. We would desperately wait for internet connectivity
I managed everything alone cooking, cleaning ( had a male househelp but if there is curfew he wouldn’t be allowed to come inside ) I had 3 dogs back then and took care of all of them alone ️.

We didn’t have access to any online shopping (no food delivery, no amazon, no Myntra).

A vegetable van would come once in a week and we would stand in the queue get vegetable and necessary stock for a week, made great friends in the community (because all we longed was support and everyone displayed impeccable community spirit), would call parents whenever we would get network and life went on. My dogs learnt to pee and poo inside the washroom because the situations were such and also when it used snow we couldn’t step out often There were threats issued at times and the whole area was under lockdown, At times there will be complete lights off and people would keep their kids inside, would have minimal lights, would pray that we just survive another day, pray for their husbands who were away for duty When there was relaxation and we went out – we would hear slogans like – Army go back, Indians go back, dogs go back. It was the toughest time of my life but I Survived, I survived my days of pathetic pregnancy there where we used to go in a military van with full bulletproof jacket and gear to get an advance checkup to the main cantt (that was some 15kms away from the cantt I lived in). I flew, in my 8th month of my pregnancy, all alone with a medical certificate as there was a curfew and nobody knew how the situation will be if there is a total lockdown
You know what kinds of entertainment we had – HOW TO SURVIVE IF THERE IS AIR RAID? how to survive if there is bombing? How to survive if there are terrorist attacks inside? How to survive if there is infiltration?


And then the times changed and there was a bit of understanding, and we could see the real Kashmir – the warmth of Kashmiris, the beauty of Kashmir. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly

Why am I sharing all of this? Because I am deeply pained seeing all the cribbing going on for everything locked down, less of grocery available, maids not coming home, kids can’t go out blah blah

Just Imagine if it was not a lock-down due to a virus but an actual WAR
Would you still like to send your kids downstairs?
Would you still go for a walk?
Would you still crib if you had limited grocery?

Then why crib now?

Did I do anything heroic? NO
I just did whatever was necessary for a very basic human instinct- SURVIVAL
I had made a choice of getting married to a Fauji and I embraced it

We have the same choice now, Embrace the situation for yourself, for your kids, for your future generation.

You can be your own Hero ️ You are a soldier now, Please abide by your Duties
You can fight this situation and would have this story of bravery you can tell to your future grandchildren.

Can we please rise above all our political inclination once ??? Can we please rise above individualism ??
This isn’t about politics anymore, your child won’t even remember which political party was ruling then but he/ she would definitely remember how their parents reacted in the time of panic

Now is the time to show solidarity, after all social distancing doesn’t cost anything. Afterall, staying at home doesn’t need a budget allocation, isn’t it?

Teach your kids RESILIENCE
Teach your kids ART OF SURVIVAL
Teach your kids LIFE SKILLS
Teach your kids PATIENCE

Please do not teach cribbing, blame games and chalta hai attitude

In case you are still frustrated with the current government, write a post, talk to your friends on phone and vent out but do not venture out and put your life and lives of others at risk
I know working from home with managing a household is difficult but nothing will be more painful than seeing your loved ones on death bed Would you be ok living life with the burden of killing people, just because you can’t stay at home ???

This Too Shall Pass, trust me

But please let’s spread positivity and see the greater good of our nation.

P.s. Please respect my emotions and don’t drag me in any political debate, I am literally in tears and shivering while I pen it down excuse my grammatical errors, I tend to make many.

Love And Peace.
Nancy Singh

About Shiv Rana

Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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