Dad Lags Behind: Why?

Got a following write-up in whatsapp message and it touched me really and made me think as thi why fathers are not so well put on high pedestal as mothers are.

In a world, with women fighting for equality and empowerment vis-à-vis the male, following may not feel amusing. Just for fun.————*Don’t know why Dad is always lagging behind.*1. Mom carries for 9 months, Dad carries for 25 years, both are equal, still don’t know why Dad is lagging behind.2. Mother works without pay for the family, Dad spends all his pay for the family, both their efforts are equal, still don’t know why Dad is lagging behind.3. Mom cooks whatever you want, Dad buys whatever you want, both their love is equal, but Mom’s love is shown as superior. Don’t know why Dad is lagging behind.4. When you talk over the phone, you want to talk to Mom first, if you get hurt, you cry ‘Mom’. You will only remember dad when you need him, but did Dad never feels bad that you don’t remember him the other times? When it comes to receiving love from children, for generations, we see that Dad is always lagging.5. Cupboards will be filled with colorful sarees and many clothes for kids but Dad’s clothes are very few, he doesn’t care about his own needs, still don’t know why Dad is lagging behind.6. Mom has many gold ornaments, but Dad has only one ring that was given during his wedding. Still Mom complaints of less jewellery and Dad doesn’t. Still don’t know why is Dad lagging behind.7. Dad works very hard all his life to take care of the family, but when it comes to getting recognition, he is always lagging behind.8. Mom says, we need to pay college tuition this month, please don’t buy a saree for me for the festival whereas dad has not even thought of new clothes.Both their love is equal, still don’t know why Dad is lagging behind.9. When parents become old, children say, Mom is at least useful in taking care of household chores, but they say, Dad is useless.Dad is *behind (or ‘at the back’ )* because he is the backbone of the family. Because of him, we are able to stand erect. Probably, this is the reason why he is lagging *behind*.Don’t know how many will relate to this post and agree to this…!!

About Shiv Rana

A veteran of the Indian Army.
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1 Response to Dad Lags Behind: Why?

  1. thenewagedad says:

    The dad has to be an active participant in parenting and not just the financial aid. Parenting is not a competition of who comes first and who stays behind, it is equal responsibility irrespective of who works or who stays at home. Both mum and dad need to work together.


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