2020 A New Decade

It’s the new day of the New Year and the new Decade! Welcome, 2020!!!

I welcome it wholeheartedly. I hope the new year brings in lots of positivity all around me. My joints and bones give me support to be more useful to society and the nation in whichever way I can. I hope I can make more friends and more importantly I can retain my old friends who have been my lifeline and support all through my life. We may not have met in the past year but they have always been in my heart and I am sure they did make a place for me in their hearts as well. I don’t desire anything more.

My family has supported me in all the ways I did: good, bad or ugly. I thank my wife especially, being the backbone in all my decisions. My children and their husbands have been all support.

But it is also a time to be reflective of the past to rediscover me – myself. Last year I avoided getting engaged in many activities, much to contemplate the next course of action after seven decades of a happy life on this planet earth. My eyes put a big strain on my favourite hobby to read and write. In fact, my ophthalmologist said to refrain from it to save sight for the last mile. That was a big shock to keep me away from the books and computer screen. I tried with my “Kindle” (where I could increase the size of the fonts of the book) but did not work either for too long. I am now trying “Audible books”. But the pleasure of book reading: marking, annotating on it, is gone and the pleasure of reading is not achieved.

I now emerge as a refreshed man with only one thing in mind. And that is to give – GIVE, in all forms and all ways within my means and resources.

But last year was not all sob story. I will like to mention two very important events that happened. One, I went to my unit ((4 Mech Inf (1 Sikh)) to attend the unit “Battle Honour Day” aka “Tithwal Day”, as the battle honour was given for the battle of Tithwal on 13 Oct. For those who are not familiar with the unit, a small citation. The unit when it was in its pure form of 1 Sikh (not yet mechanized), was the first unit to be flown into Srinagar in 27th Oct 1947 from Delhi to save Kashmir from the Paki marauders. And the Indian Army celebrates that day – 27 Oct, as the Infantry day every year.

Yes, getting back to visiting the unit in Oct from 12 to 15 Oct 2019 was very, very nostalgic: full of memories. I visited the Bn after a gap of 33 years. I have been purposely avoiding going to my units for an emotional reason. Though, of course, it was very nice to meet old officers, JCOs and Other ranks of my time. Very few were there. But it was a pleasure all the same. It was also beautiful moments to meet a new crop of officers, ladies and men. I was recharged for 2020.

Second, as I mentioned above that I have purposely avoided going back to my old unit for the reason explained above. Same was the case with my other old unit where I was commissioned in Jun 1968 – 1/1 GR. I had gone there in 2015 to attend the Bicentenary celebration. And there too it was after a gap of 33 years. But this year I decided to attend the “1 Gorkhas Reunion -2019” in the 14 Gorkha Training Centre (Subathu) from 01 Nov to 05 Nov 2019. And my first such Reunion of the 1 Gorkhas. Thinking age is catching up and, कल हो न हो!

It was too, very beautiful and meeting all चड्डी buddies of old times, indeed. Great feeling.

I guess all that is I have to say for now. I wish for you to stay positive and smiling for the whole decade and not only for the new year. Take everything to your stride and never to your heart. Good things will happen. Be optimistic always. 🌷🌹🥀🌺🌸


About Shiv Rana

Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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