Maha Drama & Ennui

Maha Drama & Ennui

Rhapsodic joy of the BJP at 8.00 AM last Saturday morning turned into raspy voiced Press
conference of Devendra Fadnavis at 3.30 PM today after barely 78 hours. Swearing-in and
resignation of Chief Ministers in a few days is not new to us. Who gained and who lost will
remain a matter of discussion for many days in the drawing rooms and “Tea stall Nukkads”.
Although Devendra Fadnavis put up a brave face in the press meet: after all he has lived in
Mumbai for the last five years where everything is so surreal.

The concern of a normal and a simple citizen like me is not the actions of the political parties:
who harangued whom, who lied or spoke the truth, or even who played what game. But of those
who hold high and mighty constitutional posts in our country. Those who take an oath in the
name of Constitution and the God to uphold the highest value of the democracy and remain
bipartisan in the manner of dealing with all political parties to uphold the sovereignty and the
Constitution of India.
Yes, I am talking of the role of the Governor of Maharashtra, Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, and the
President, Ram Nath Kovind. They both can not be absolved of taking side in a tearing hurry to
one submitting to allow formation of the Govt and the other revoking the President’s rule in the
wee hours of Saturday on 23 Nov 2019. They both could have taken a little time to understand
the situation, applied their minds and then given go-ahead for what now is a fallen and
discredited Govt of Maharashtra within 80 hours. After all they have retinue of staff just to do
that provided by the taxpayers of the country. Here, as some party mentioned, it was a “Surgical
Strike” of different kind, a political kind, which did not succeed.

Here even the Home Minister, Amit Shah and the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi cannot escape
their culpability for the mess they have put the party which for some time quite seemed like
trailblazing in the new political scenario which emerged since 2014. They allowed themselves to
be questioned for their wisdom. There was no need to the Prime Minister to hurriedly
recommend to the President to revoke the Presidential rule in Maharashtra without the proper
Cabinet approval. The President should have taken his own time to assess the situation. In fact
that would have given the BJP time to see the reaction of Sharad Pawar and avoid black face.
But that can be overlooked for a little moment as both of them do belong to a party and party’s
interest would remain uppermost in their mind, notwithstanding.

All the above drama brings out a very pertinent question in my mind and that is, who should
hold the constitutional posts in our country? Are these posts to rehabilitate the old party workers
who have to remain loyal to their party? Or can a person be found who is above all party
affiliation and can have an independent mind? Will any political party ever bring that kind of
person to hold these posts?


About Shiv Rana

A veteran of the Indian Army.
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