My Night of Dream


I liked a Nepali poem by Chandi Raj Dahal of Kathmandu, Nepal. I thought to translate it and share it with the world. I hope I have done justice to the translation. (Nepali poem is also given below the translated version) ……………. Shiv Om Rana

My awaken night and
you in deep slumber
left your body in your house and
came to my garden to saunter.

My planted flowers
awaited the arrival of spring,
and spread fragrance around
They also attracted butterflies and bees.

You attired in white gown
like an angel
wearing white anklets and ear rings,
dainty and delicate like angels from the heaven.

Moon smiled at you in appreciation
My garden was delighted and
roses, shirish1 and rhododendrons              (1 – name of a flower)
welcomed you singing “Su-swagatam2”.      (2 – welcome)

To welcome you in my garden
I decorated my wooden table with a rose
And spread two straw mats on a bench
And placed two red wines to say “cheers” to you.

When I looked at you,
you were gazing at me: adrift and lost
Your eyes expressed palpable love
Your hair floating like clouds in the sky.

While extending our love
Breaking the calmness of night
You disappeared when
suddenly I called you. I awoke.

Did I feel embarrassed, thinking of you?

My awaken night and
you in deep slumber
left your body in your house and
came to my garden to saunter.

……translated by Shiv Om Rana from Nepali to English


म ब्युँझेको रात (by Chandi Raj Dahal)

म ब्युँझेको रात
तिमी मस्त निद्रामा
अचेत शरीरलाई घरै छोडी
मेरो बगैंचामा डुल्न आएकी थियौ ।

मैले रोपेका फूलहरुले

बसन्तलाई डाकेका थिए,

बगैंचामा सुगन्ध थपेका थिए ।

पुतली र भमरालाई पनि बोलाएका थिए ।

तिमी परीझैं

सेतो गाउनमा सजिएकी,
सेतै पाउजु र झुम्का लाएकी,
स्वर्गकी अप्सराझैं कोमल, मुलायम बनेकी ।

जुनले तिमीलाई चियाउँदा

मेरो बगैंचा मुस्कुराइरहेको थियो

गुलाफ, शिरिष र गुराँसले तिमीलाई

स्वागतम् सुस्वागतम् भन्दै गाइरहेका थिए ।

तिम्रो स्वागतार्थ मैले

काठको टेबलमा एउटा रातो गुलाफ अड्याएको थिएँ ।

काठकै बेन्चमा खोसेलाका दुइटा चकटी ओछ्याएको थिएँ ।
अनि तिमीलाई ‘चियर्स’ भन्न दुइटा ‘रेड वाइन’ पनि मगाएको थिएँ ।

मैले तिमीलाई हेर्दा
तिमी मतिर हेरी टोलाइरहेकी थियौ
तिम्रा आँखामा अनन्त प्रेम छछल्किरहेको थियो 

तिम्रो कपाल स्वच्छ आकाशमा बादलजस्तै सल्बलाइरहेको थियो ।

रातको सन्नाटालाई चिर्दै
आपसमा भावना साट्दै गर्दा
तिमी त एकाएक विलिन भइछौ ।
अनायसै चिच्याएर तिमीलाई बोलाउँदा, म झसंग ब्युँझेछु ।

आफैंसँग लजाउँछै, तिमीलाई सम्झँदा …

म ब्युँझेको रात

तिमी मस्त निद्रामा
अचेत शरीरलाई घरै छोडी
मेरो बगैंचामा डुल्न आएकी थियौ ।

About Shiv Rana

Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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