Coincidence : Can it Happen?

Is it really a coincidence or just my belief?

My belief that number (figure) 1 has got something to do with me.

  • I am the eldest son of my parents.

  • I was commissioned in 1st Gorkha Rifles and at that in the First Battalion of the 1st Gorkha Rifles.

  • I was then transferred from the 1st Bn of the 1st Gorkha Rifles to 1st Sikh (4 Mechanized Infantry).

  • I commanded 1st Vikas Bn (Special Frontier Force).

  • I got to live in 1 Chatham Line bungalow (2 acres) in Allahabad for three years as a Lt Col.

Somebody says :-

  • A coincidence is a series of two or more chance events that appear to be casually related but really aren’t. Many forms of superstition and pseudoscience have their origins in the misinterpretation of said event.

  • And some psychoanalyst says that there is no such thing as coincidence. There are no accident in life. Everything happens is the result of a calculated move that leads us to move where we are.

Fingers crossedFingers crossedFingers crossed   Peace

About Shiv Rana

Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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