Army Courses


All officers who join the army have to do many professional courses in their career which continues even if one becomes general officer. It is a myth that there would be no studies required once you join the army.


I was detailed for an RCL course, my first army course in Inf School, Mhow in Oct 1968 when I just had barely four months of service. I was the junior most in the course and all seniors in the course took full advantage of that like making me do all errands for the squad, getting Ground Sheet, laying it down and collecting it etc.

I was called twice in the beginning of the course by the weapon Wing Commander for interview who threatened me to send me back to the unit as I did not have requisite minimum of one year service for the course. (During that time BSW course had not been started and each Specialist Pl weapon course was done separately). However I survived and at the end got BX grading in the course.

This post is not so much to highlight for the course but to mention that, I think, I have the unique distinction to be junior most in the course in one and later in life and service also had the privilege of being the senior most in the course.

And that was when I was transferred from Inf (1/1GR) to Mech Inf (4 Mech Inf (1 Sikh)) in 1981 and joined in Jan 1982. On the first interview itself with the CO, Col Narpat Parihar, told me to be ready to go for a course. I was detailed for A Veh D&M (Instructors) course in ACC&S, Ahmednagar. I had done B Veh D&M course already and that was the pre-requisite for doing this.

As I mentioned above I was the senior most officer in the course and therefore became the course senior. I wonder how many officers would have that chance and privilege of being junior most in a course at some point of time and also being the Course senior in an another one.

Wonderful, indeed.

A photo dug out from my old collection of the Courses in which I was the Course senior is being inserted below.

A Veh D&M Course

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