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Bleeding hearts! Don’t bleed the nation!

The Minister for Human Resources Development, Smriti Irani, brought forth a gasp of disbelief when her appointment was first announced. Lacking any kind of manifest pretensions to scholarship, and,… Source: Bleeding hearts! Don’t bleed the nation!

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Befitting Reply to Barkha Dutt’s Oped

The other day (I think on 19 Feb) Barkha wrote an open letter to the PM. Those who have not read that please find link here to read.  Below is the response to that letter by Ltd Gen Vijay … Continue reading

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Where Even Eagles Do not Dare

by Brig Anil Gupta (A Tribute to the Valiant Thambis) Siachen, the highest battle field in the world, is news once again because of 10 army men who were buried under the snow on 03 Feb 2016. “Quartered in Snow, … Continue reading

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Relook Needed at India’s Foreign Policy

Paul R. Brass once wrote, India is a living catastrophe and the intellectuals do not care for it. ( July. 2002) Henry Kissinger said, ".. Americans have great difficulty in coming to grips with the way Indian leaders approach foreign … Continue reading

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How We Killed The Kao – boys

by —- Mallika Nawal

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