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Spade is Spade: An Interview

He likes to  be called “Maverick” and calls spade a spade. That is Dr Subramaniam Sawmy – one man army. ………. Shiv Rana “This Nehru-Gandhi Family is Totally Anti-National” An Interview with Dr Subramanian Swamy By Surajit Dasgupta – National … Continue reading

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To Die for Own Country

(Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori — is a line from the Roman lyrical poet Horace’s Odes (III.2.13). The line can be roughly translated into English as: "It is sweet and glorious to die for one’s country."  ) OROP … Continue reading

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Some Truth: Ministry of Defence

Former Chief of Army Staff, Gen V P Malik, the man who led the Indian Army in the Kargil war against Palistan, speaks to Robin David during an interview:- Are we ready for war in technology age? Just to put … Continue reading

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What I Learned in my Twenties

Source: What I Learned in my Twenties

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The Real Job

What is really the job an army man or a flier or a sailor for that matter? How does a Military Man justify his existence? Does he have a job to do??? This doubt exists in many minds in India … Continue reading

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Love yourself

Life after Death: Surviving cancer You love your parents; you love your brothers and sisters. You love your spouse and also love your children. Though with growing age your priorities of loving changes. But in this long journey from your … Continue reading

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How Military has been Degraded in India: Civilian Mindset

A well written article. Hence thought of sharing it. Thank you Col RP Chaturvedi ********************************************************************************************* THROUGH MUD AND BLOOD, TO THE GREEN FIELDS BEYOND MUSINGS 25 NOV 2015 – A SENSE OF BETRAYAL Col RP Chaturvedi My father once told … Continue reading

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