Wedding Ceremonies

I have not been interested in ceremonies. In fact I despise them, specially Puja ceremonies of Hindus. The Brahmins make it so complicated in the name of religion that a man has to withstand the shockers that come with the rituals. And no ritual is complete without shelling out few rupees every here and there that at the end of the whole thing the man is poorer by few hundreds and the Pandit richer by that much. Does anyone think that all that is put down in the name of the God has ever reached to the God?

I am not an atheist and I am Hindu. But I have therefore never witnessed any such ceremonies in my life’s 68 winters and falls. I have never completely witnessed marriage ceremony of Hindus. I only know that Pandits make it so complicated that it lasts for 3 – 4 hours. I had said in my marriage that I want it very short and sweet and it was done accordingly, yet it lasted for about two hours. Same thing for my daughter’s marriage. I had told the Pandit to make it crisp and yet it took about 2 hours.

I was therefore keen to see how the weddings in other religion are conducted. I got a chance to see very closely the “White Wedding” (Christian wedding) when my daughter married a Christian boy. I found it to be nice and graceful with no messy things around as one usually sees in Hindu weddings. But even this took about an hour and a half: lots of hymns being sung in the praise of the Lord etc.

I got a chance to see Sikh wedding ceremony (Anand Karaj) day before yesterday in Panchkula when Brig Inder Gakhal’s daughter, Pavneet was getting married with Supratik. I was keen to watch the whole ceremony and compare it. So I was well in time in Gurudwara to witness the whole ceremony from the beginning. The groom was received inside the Gurudwara but outside the hall where Guru Granth Shab is kept. Granthi, equivalent of Pandit, welcomed the groom party where garlands were exchanged by the respective fathers. Then the bride’s family moved in to the hall and little later groom’s party was ushered in. And then the marriage ceremony began. I timed it and it took precisely 20 minutes to finish the ceremony. The Prasad distribution and exit took another 10 minutes and it was over.

I appreciated and the finest wedding I ever saw.

Thank you Pavneet and thank you Injo for beautiful experience.

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Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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  1. Balmukund Sharma Thapliyal says:

    Colonel Rana Saheb

    If time is the constraint, then Muslim marriages are the best. It takes only couple of minutes. Of course, you have to close your eyes towards the rich cultural heritage of Hindu or Christian marriages.


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