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Gujrat unrest, Modi (NaMo) and his promptness. >>>

There is one Hardik Patel in his late twenties or early thirties who rattles Gujrat by demanding "RESERVATION" for the PATELS like Gujjars  did some time earlier in Rajasthan. Many cities in Gujrat burn, 9 people die. There is arson … Continue reading

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An insight into politico military decisions

(   The story of Vietnam war where professional advice of the military Chiefs were ignored and generalist civilian, Secretary of Defense from 1961 – 1968, Robert Strange McNamara (civilian businessman), played a major role to escalate the Vietnam war. Are … Continue reading

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Sikhs in East Africa

Sikh Heritage in East Africa byHarjinder Singh Kanwal Source:                Sikhs have been migrating to East Africa since 1890’s. They established themselves as a very hard working, honest, religious and skilled community. Their contribution to East Africa is phenomenal. We … Continue reading

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An Officer and Gentleman: The Life in the Army

WHAT HAS THE ARMY GIVEN YOU ????? An article by Col (Retd) Abhay Gupta. I was all of 48 yrs when I was superseded in my present rank. At a social-do, I was asked by this pretty girl, ‘Just 48, … Continue reading

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