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The Blood Flows And My Land Turns Red

Originally posted on changingoutlooks:
Death visits the mundane a heightened gravity, making life’s trivia beautiful and everyday weighty. Had Col MN Rai, Lt Col Sankalp, Maj Mukund Varadrajan or the countless others lived, each of them would have grown old with their…

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Me and My Silence

My silence in prayer in quiet contemplation leads me to meditation beyond this world where I talk to myself. Silence maintains secret in my heart which only I share with myself. I forget my struggle, I forget my pain, and … Continue reading

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Defending ‘American Sniper’

Originally posted on Steve Rose PhD:
With the recent controversy surrounding this movie, I would like to say that those who criticize it for glorifying war are missing the point. The internal struggles represented in this movie are highly reflective…

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Sun & Hope (Nepali Poem)

घाम र आशा बिहान झुलके को घाम र बुडो को आशा, दिन त रमाइलो होला नी! दिउँसो को चर्को घाम छोरा छोरी को चर्को बाचा, छिमिकि हरु को निन्दी खोजी के हो? कसो हो?? कहाँ छो??? सुन्दा सुन्देयि बेलुकी भयो … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – 2015

wishing Happy New Year to all my readers. May there be harmony among the various religion, and no sectarian violence any where in the world. May there be love & peace around the world. May the year bring success to … Continue reading

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