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Good morning tweeple! Be blessed. Enjoy the morning prayers followed by a cup of tea.

US judge dismisses charges in Devyani Khobragade case. She after all had diplomatic immunity as per the Judge.

Can a political party be different in real terms, as claimed by #AAA? I see same bickering over distribution over tickets to LS as else where

LoL! Cops suspect #Tejpal facilitating jail inmates escape to threaten witnesses against him. But how did he get cell phone in jail?

Several British universities have started research projects and online initiatives to focus on the forthcoming general elections in India HT

89-year-old ND Tiwari is actively considering contesting the LS polls from his pocket borough Nainital as an independent. बूढ़ा तेरा बाप

The ripple effects of Wave 2014 will change the economic and political landscape forever. Surjit S Bhalla in IE

Just finished reading “India’s Military Conflicts & Diplomacy: An Inside View of Decision making” by Gen VP Malik.

A well written book. A must read for all the civilian bureaucrats and political leaders, especially those connected with Armed Forces.

A must read book for those civilians who are dealing with Armed Forces in any manner or any capacity.

Shan_Ravi ‏@Sinceere_Angel (RT)
SC refused interim bail to Subrata Roy. Now he should ask the procedure of getting multiple paroles, from Sanjay Dutt

Take a moment before your first bite today to express gratitude for your food produced by that farmer who tills his land in all weather.

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. – Maya Angelou


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Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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