My Thoughts of the Day

Good morning twitterati. It’s a cloudy Feb morning in Delhi. It rained last evening.

Have been away from news, laptop, TV etc from yesterday afternoon. Just saw that Naval Chief DK Joshi resigned after the submarine accident.

#CNC DK Joshi resigned. Thats the way Chief must show spine. Taking moral responsibility. Will the Def minister take the lunge as well?

#CNC resignation. Def Minster Antony more responsible for the degradation of Armed Forces. #Must #Quit Does he have moral fiber to do that

#Naval #Chief #Resignation Will the govt of the day also take responsibility for not doing enough to modernize the def ordnance?

@simba49 @ajay_ch4 @DKCooper2 these bloody blokes are generalists. I had raised this point once in the discussion. But who listens.

@simba49 @ajay_ch4 @DKCooper2 Yes all begin as generalists. What I said was that a man to be as Def Secy should have served in the ministry

@simba49 @ajay_ch4 @DKCooper2 What is happening is that because of some consideration a Babu is shifted from Textile ministry to be Def Decy

@whirlybirdguy @simba49 @ajay_ch4 @DKCooper2 that is the unfortunate part of our country: generalists rule. US has veteran as Def Secy

@vikramwkarve @rwac48 @Subbyworm @andaaz88 let us not rake in past. But I hope it sets a moral standard for future Chiefs.

Colonel Dinesh Kumar@kkhushal9 12h

A trader more brave than a soldier. Modi audacity to degrade soldiers. Is Gen VK Singh listening? Why NSG cover for himwhy not trader cover?

Sad @narendramodi doesn’t know the difference between the courage a soldier displays in the face of an enemy & trader’s courage to invest

In poll time I see son-rise in all parties. Diggy, Lalu, Paswan .. .. . . . Please add in to the list

What about#Gorkhaland? "@firstpostin: MHA sets up panel to look into the demand for Bodoland: CNN-IBN" @Jorebungley @SankalpLama @NuraSharma

#CNS_DKJoshi resignation. when will Def Minister AK Antony take moral responsibility and #resign?

Will #AKAntony have spunk to put in his papers as well as his Naval Chief did taking #moral #responsibility.


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Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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