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Good morning friends. Have a good day.

What is there in Delhi that fog revisits Delhi every morning even in Feb?

Modi says Congress is ABCD of corruption, A was for Adarsh scam, B for Bofors, and C for coalgate and so on.

Buddha says speak & act sensibly

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XXL or XS: What’s a good fit? Data on large vs small states is inconclusive on who performs better @Jorebungle …

A Name Upon A Grave… …

Supreme Court responds to my petition on voting rights of our soldiers. Serves notice to Govt. & Election Commission. #SoldiersShouldVote

amrita tripathi@amritat

And where does that leave demands for Vidarbha, Gorkhaland?

#GJM seems to have lost the plot for #Gorkhaland. They react on every new move that happens to Telengana. Then got to sleep in #MamtaDi lap

#GJM leaders are like frogs of the monsoon. They appear only in the rainy season in Delhi. No concerted effort, no vision, no planning.



About Shiv Rana

A veteran of the Indian Army.
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