Bye! Usher

Usher & Me


(30 Jan 2005 – 23 Jan 2014)

 Rest in Peace

My walking Partner!

Last night you left us grieving

for your eternal journey.

No morning walk will be the same

without you ever again.

Your pulling and sniffing,

your growling and chasing

will always be missed.

You were the best sniffer dog in the world.

We will miss your nose going up

every time we ate something,

demanding that you be given the same.

We will miss your naughty pranks.

You remember when we left you

alone with Yoda1 one day?

That you pulled down a papaya

From the table and ate half of it?

You loved papaya so much…..

We loved your naughtiness as much….

You peed on my pillow one day

when I had scolded you for something.

you were very young

Well! That was the way

you showed your resentment.

One day you ran away from the house.

and we went around looking for you.

You were lost in a busy lane

and sat on a corner trembling….

You were always up to something.

When we left you behind,

we tried to arrange things before leaving

so that you could not reach.

But you always managed

to pull things down.

You did not like to be left behind alone

or with Yoda1

So you showed your displeasure

by upsetting things in the house,

And when we came

you would sit in a corner

shivering as if a big mistake has been made.

You always came prancing

When we came home

welcoming us

All our worries forgotten that precious moment.

You made our lives full of cheers.

You were so soft in nudging us

asking for food or something.

Your actions were like that of an aristocrat.

You never kept your food on the floor

and always had it on a mat.

We called it your dining table.

We miss you, Usher.

You were part of our lives.

Be happy wherever you are.

May God bless your soul.

We believe in rebirth and May you be born

As a human being

and be as noble as you have been.

 We miss you terribly……….

 Shiv Om Rana

24 Jan 2014

New Delhi

Note: 1 Yoda is a pug, Usher’s 6 months junior in the house. Both loved each other and never fought.

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About Shiv Rana

Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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