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Good morning friends! Its beautiful morning. सुप्रभात May you all have a very good day ahead!


There are enough naysayers. Pl stop stooping to street politics& c things in larger perspective @ArvindKejriwal@AamAadmiParty@ColSehrawat

Lakshmanan.P@laksh_kgm 24h (Replied) @happyshiv@ArvindKejriwal@AamAadmiParty@ColSehrawat I opine they deserved to be the watch dogs than to be the rulers!

@laksh_kgm I see no problem in graduating from watch dog to governance. Must change mind set. @ArvindKejriwal@AamAadmiParty@ColSehrawat

Lakshmanan.P@laksh_kgm 24h (Replied) @happyshiv@ArvindKejriwal@AamAadmiParty@ColSehrawat They need tested and fittest people, system, infrastructure etc., 🙂

Shashi Tharoor caught between the Indian sensibilities & western influence having stayed for many years in America with his pants down

Indian Mujahideen plans to use ‘sticky bombs’ on oil tankers – Hindustan Times Hope Intelligence agencies are taking note.

Olympic medal-winning boxer MC Mary Kom on Thur said she had also faced a sex attack when she was 18, but managed to overpower the assaulter

Now UIDAI feels the heat, forced to change tag-line from Aadhaar Aam Aadmi Ka Adhikar to One India One Identity. – Hindustan Times

RT@httweets:US-type primaries to pick PM candidate for Cong is good idea says Abhijit Banerje – Hindustan Times

Two Delhi ministers, Bharti & Rakhi Birla, turn vigilante & want arrests & door break. The Indian Express

I had offered to quit before retirement when OSD was brought in 2 months before my retirement. But was dissuaded by Cab Sec. : RK Singh –TOI

Why can’t Cong leaders say something new, something invigorating? Same old worn out speeches by SG and other leaders. Seem to be out of sync

Fin Minister P Chidambaram rattling out statistics of growth in AICC meet. The growth would have been there even if there were other govt.

Rahul Gandhi takes charge, says ‘we are warriors’ But forgets scam.

RaGa asked if they could say one thing which Cong did against people’s interest? Yes. It did. It went against serving soldiers & veterans.

GAURAV C SAWANT@gauravcsawant Bizarre austerity measures at LoC. Restriction on porters,ponies & kerosene. Austerity shud begin in Delhi not LoC. @HeadlinesToday @ 7.30pm


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Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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