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Good morning to all my friends. Its beautiful morning

Virbhadra’s apples worth crores went by scooters and oil tanker, finds I-T – Indian Express

Kejriwal seeks 40 new anti-graft officers to be transferred to the government’s Anti-Corruption Branch – Indian Express

Anna seeks Rajnath Singh’s help to have his statue in Gurgaon – Indian Express

MT A must read : National Interest: AAP versus VIP by Shekhar Gupta – Indian Express

Indicted babus vow to take on politicians in Adarsh case – Hindustan Times via @sharethis

Prithviraj Chavan blamed for inept handling of Adarsh by some senior bureaucrats – The Times of India

LoL! ha ha.. ha.. ha. Just for fun: RT Dogs poop in line with the Earth’s magnetic field – The Times of India

Arvind Kejriwal gives up duplex flat allotted to him: Do you agree with decision? – NDTV

Kejariwal needs to avoid populist measures and socialist tilt. RT Kejriwal’s waterfront – Indian Express

AAP prepares for Lok Sabha polls, Yogendra Yadav says want to see Kejriwal as PM – Indian Express

An advice 2 @ArvindKejriwal: Don’t make hurried statement. Good things happen when you get your priorities straight.-Scott Caan @ColSehrawat

@brahmasingh417 @DKCooper2 I also agree that some of the perks are part of the job. AAP has raised the bar so much in public it suffers now


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A veteran of the Indian Army.
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