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Fit case for action against Justice #Ganguly, says Attorney General. He took advantage of a feeble intern. He needs to be put behind bars

AAP ready to form government, run it better than others: Arvind Kejriwal – The Times of India …

MT India’s rowing Asian Gold medalist Sub Dharmesh Sangwan falls to rebel bullets in South Sudan – Indian Express

AAP ki Tea Party by Surjit S Bhalla – Indian Express

I hear that Delhi’s AAM ADAMI wants AAP to form govt. That means that Cong has succeeded in destroying AAP before it even gets to govern

#Adarsh report by Judicial Comm has been rejected by the #Maharashtra govt. Can somebody tell me if that is the final burial of the report?

I think #Adarsh case will be a fit case for the new #Lokpal to act upon. Can it take suo moto action? If not I am ready to file a complaint

#Adarsh scam: Greed of senior military officers is bad example to the juniors. Of late corruption by the seniors is a matter of concern.

@BimalGjm set to rejoin GTA in conciliatory measure from Mamta on 26 Dec. Its Mamta’s victory all the way. @BimalGjm made to bite the dust.

So much efforts by the MEA on #DevyaniHumiliated : just because she is one of their Elks.Didn’t bother when former Prez A Kalam was searched

Perform a random act of kindness daily. we are not spiritual enough to show our other cheek when we are slapped.

Jayanti Natrajan, MoS in Union govt resigns.


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A veteran of the Indian Army.
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