Using the Armed Forces for Pittance

The article Using the Armed Forces for Pittance is well written by Santosh. But at places lacks deeper knowledge and factuals. He is right when he says that the nation takes it for granted all the army men when it comes to serve them. I quote ” Our response to army is a complex one, made up in equal parts of awestruck admiration, exaggerated respect and profound indifference”. Here admiration and indifference amy be right but there is no respect left in the civil street for the military anymore, specially from the bureaucracy. He has tried to draw attention by saying that, I quote “They live in clean cantonment, get free ration and cheap liquor, have fleet of vehicles at their disposal and are not subject to the law of the land but instead to their own”. What he has implied that the army men enjoy these facilities and privileges at the cost of others which is far from truth. Santosh, I shall like to clarify that the neat cantonment that you is by the efforts of the army men who live there and not it is not done by others. So can be done by other citizens too and live happily and not depend on the Govt to do all things for them. Free ration is part of perks like BPO chaps get free food and drinks in their shift. Liquor is cheap because of less Sales Tax/ VAT exemption from some states. In many states it is the same rate as for the civil markets. Fleet of vehicles are for the military duties and not for personal use to go from home to office and to be used by the spouses thereafter as seen in many other Civil Services. And most importantly the army men are 100% subject to the law of land and in addition they are also subject to the their own service law, like Military Law, Air Force Law and Navy Law. I will also like to mention here that each military men pays the required Income Tax diligently as the same is deducted at source and there is no place for fudging the figures, as mostly seen doen when filing the return by the CAs.

About Shiv Rana

Retirement life is series of transition: from Olive Green to civvies, being woken up a buddy to fetching morning milk from the milk booth. And now trying to adjust with new-normal due to pandemic - CORONA.
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